Classes have resumed

The campus may have closed and despite practising social distancing and staying in our households, there is still a lot happening in the college! Classes resumed this week. The plan is to finish the year online and there has been lots happening in preparation for this. The teaching will be live via a video link and the students will be able to see the teacher and also a shared PowerPoint. That also means sharing notes ahead of time (which they can normally do internally on the server) so that will be done in another programme. For those who cannot join when the teaching is live the classes will be recorded so they can keep up with their studies.

It has been an interesting process for the teaching staff, trying to get webcams, thinking about teaching from their offices with lighting, sound, angle of camera, background and other challenges.

The class schedule has changed because of different time zones but the students will still have a full, four classes every morning. There will also still be homework assignments to complete each week as well as each fellowship group is working out how to best continue online with group dynamics and relationships as well as meeting its aims and purposes.

Please pray for both staff and students as they transition to this new way of having classes.

Pray for:

  • Focus and Concentration
  • No Technical/Streaming Difficulties
  • God to speak to hearts and draw people closer to Himself