Classes are back in full swing

As Daniel and Elizabeth disciple the missionary candidates, they in turn will disciple others in South America, Africa, Asia and those at the ends of the earth. Please pray for Daniel and Elizabeth to be faithful to what God has called them to do at North Cotes College.
The first year of the two year course is Biblical Studies. This course is designed to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible and is the first part of the missionary training with NTM. The course is also open to those who only want to deepen their understanding of God’s Word or to prepare for ministry in their home country. Currently, there are 36 students in the Biblical Studies course. The course encourages an appreciation for the Word of God and its application in daily life.
The second year is “Cross Cultural Communication” (3C for short!) and is the part of missionary training that Daniel and Elizabeth are involved in. (There is also a third year which is optional and offers additional linguistic training for those who show special aptitude in this area).
Daniel, Elizabeth with Philip, David, Ruth and Mary are well settled into their new home just over the fence from the college and thank God for this wonderful provision. As well as teaching, a lot of their time is spent with people. It is no different to living with the Inapang, relationships matter! Please pray that that would walk closely with the Lord and be channels He will be glorified through.
Their lovely family continue to bring them joy! During the Easter holidays they visited England, Northern Ireland and Scotland and it was a really wonderful holiday spending time with grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. They also got to see several good friends and it was very relaxing!
They especially enjoyed having both Paul and John their two eldest sons’ home with them for a week together. Paul is about to sit exams at the end of his first year studying computer science. He was able to do some electrical engineering and New Testament Greek too! John has had a great year at the Pine Lake Christian camp centre near Derby. In September he will join Paul in Edinburgh, and will be studying Speech and Language Therapy at Queen Margaret University.
Philip is in year ten. He really likes the school and loves being involved in whatever activities are happening on campus. David and Ruth go to North Cotes Church of England primary school in the village and are making good friends there. Mary goes to the college nursery in the mornings and loves it! It is a small group of staff and student’s children and they keep the Lord at the centre of what they do.
As well as college life, Daniel has been helping to lead a group going through the “Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” at the church they attend locally.

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