Being in Senegal has made Regina Kowert even more aware of cultural/worldview clashes. It has reminded her of the huge gap between Jesus and us. Nevertheless, He reached out to our world; he became man (Philippians 2:7). With Him, our old self is crucified (Romans 6:6). With Him, we are raised up and with Him we are seated in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 2:6). There is no gap anymore. Pray for Regina as she reaches out to a different world.

Last month Regina, along with co-worker Erika, visited two teams in Guinea. This has given them a good insight into living, working and functioning in a village. It was a good time with lots of encouragement. At the same time, they asked themselves if they could imagine joining a team in the future and doing the same ministry. They trust in God´s guidance and timing. Regina does not see herself in that kind of ministry at this time.

Regina’s home assignment is coming up at the end of May. Pray that she would finish well in Senegal. Also, pray that when she meets with leadership in Germany, they will be able to make decisions about her time in Germany and future ministry opportunities.

Please pray that Regina would stay focused on the Lord, and for her spiritual walk with Him and for times of culture stress which she continues to experience. Please pray for visits that she is planning to make. It is on Regina’s heart to visit a Senegalese family and a local missionary couple in the North, please pray for the right timing and that she could be a blessing and encouragement to them.

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