Kirk and Yolanda Rogers are thankful for prayer regarding their need of comprehension checkers for Romans and other NT letters. Currently Kirk is working with three of them, and it is going well. This is bringing to light certain sentences and paragraphs which are still a bit “information-dense.” Though the Landuma grammar is correct, and usually all the words are familiar to them, the concepts are very strange, foreign to a Landuma person’s way of thinking. They need to rework these passages for greater clarity. Pray for them as they do that.

One of the checkers, a young man, who is not yet a Jesus believer is hearing a lot of truth these days, and appears to be receiving it gladly. Some of his responses to Kirk’s questions about the text sound like they are coming from the mouth of a believer! Pray the Lord works in his heart to convict him of his need for Jesus, and that He gives him the courage to follow the truth. Should he choose to follow Jesus, he would receive much persecution.

Yolanda is working on editing some ‘post-primer readers,’ books that Landuma literacy graduates can read to further their education on important topics and help them sharpen their literacy skills. Pray for the Lord’s help and guidance in this task.