Church in the mountains

Paul has recently been teaching from Acts 14. They along with the believers are impressed with how the apostle Paul keeps going and he is a great example to them. Paul also referred back to Acts 9:15-16 where it was prophesied that the apostle was appointed to take the Good News to all people but also that he would suffer much. Or as the Gende version says – he will also get much pain.

Susan uses the same tarpaulin for the literacy class. They are quite a group. The oldest lady is a great – grandmother. Four men are between about 30 and 65. Various little ones attend with their Mums and other children of around six to twelve who are students too. Some of the children have disabilities and would not be accepted in the local community school but Paul and Susan love them and encourage them as do the other believers. Many children are doing well, along with many of the adults.

As Paul and Susan travelled to Madang recently they visited a believing couple that had bought a good sized piece of land with a workshop built just with basic materials but the carpentry business is not going so well. Their generator has broken so they cannot make anything else. But they were able to say “We are broken down and low but we do not lose hope in God”. This is the difference the Gospel makes -struggling and poor but rich because of Christ.

Paul and Susan also had the joy of finally getting to see the believing Gende lady in prison. She looked well and was content. She has read all the books she has and thanked them for sending her them. Her term finishes in

2019 but she may be able to get parole next year. She is concerned for her family to understand the gospel, but in the four and a half years she has been in prison not one member of her family has visited her.

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