However, Hanna also remembers that it is about the “Immanuel” who came to earth – and that He is with us; not only at Christmas, but at any time. She is glad that she can be part of helping more people hear this great message! Also Hanna and her family have found other ways to celebrate Christmas and to stay in contact. God is faithful in that too.
Hanna has already had her first language check. It went very well and she is encouraged to continue language learning, but it is always a challenge to have a good balance between learning, having time for friends and family and getting rest for her body, soul and spirit. Hanna is still learning in that area and would appreciate your prayers for further growth. After the language check, the way of learning has changed. Pray for Hanna to find a good routine for this new way of learning.
Hanna also asks for prayer for her classmate who has caught typhoid or something similar. It might be a long time of recovery.
Hanna is very thankful for all the relationships that God has provided. She has good relationships with her neighbours and is starting to get involved in some ministries that are similar to those that she had in Germany and England. Every other weekend Hanna joins one of her language helpers in teaching a group of students English. She has also started a ministry in an orphanage with two other families. Hanna has to communicate in Indonesian for playing games or doing crafts, which is quite a challenge, but a good one. Another interesting contact is with the headmaster of a private school in town. It is an elementary school that is using modern methods for teaching. She was able to visit the school and hope to stay in contact with the teachers. It would be a help for getting to know the Asia-Pacific school system better so that in the future she can support national families.
In answer to prayer the two conferences in October were able to go ahead as there was enough rain to clear the air of the smoke. Hanna had good times of fellowship. The first conference was for those who are or will be involved in missionaries’ children’s (MK) education and care. Hanna was able to hear about the MK ministries in the different areas of Indonesia. She also met her future co-workers for the first time and is looking forward to working with them after her language study. There will be much travelling involved in Hanna’s new ministry as she supports missionary families in many different areas. Pray for continued safety on the roads and for good health.

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