Christmas: Amdu

Thank you for continuing to pray for Benjamin and Missy Hatton and their co-workers Bart and Emily Allen, as the foundational teaching continues in Amdu.

They recently finished teaching the Old Testament and began the New Testament. The last couple of lessons in the O.T. were about the prophets to Israel who would warn the people of impending judgement if they did not turn back to God and follow Him only. Moreover, about the One who would one day come from their ancestors, to defeat Satan and make a way for Israel to be wholly back in right relationship with Yahweh God.

At the end of the last  O.T. lesson, Benjamin taught that the prophet Malachi was the last of the prophets to bring talk from God to Israel and that it would be hundreds of years before they would hear directly from Him again. But that the ‘promise talk’ would come to pass and that as they moved into the New Testament stories, they will see this Promised One come into the picture and they will see how He did fulfil all that God had promised.

When the lesson was over one of the faithful attenders was hugging Benjamin and crying. Three ladies came over to Missy, one at a time, emotionally telling her that what was just said made them think so much. She asked Benjamin later about what was happening with him and the significant ‘hug’. He said that the man’s sentiments were very similar to the ladies that talked had with Missy. This faithful small group have been intently listening and learning over the last few months and they are eagerly anticipating finding out how this ‘Satan Overcoming Man’ is going to help them with their messed up heart problem.

Missy’s translation helper asked, “So, those people who were not following the law, God didn’t accept them, right?” A great conversation followed allowing Missy to remind her that everyone needs to be right again with God. It is not the law. It is the ‘Satan Overcoming Man.’ He is the only way.

Last week ended with how the child born of Mary will have the heart of God, not the heart of Adam. This has been portrayed as a broken off dried branch from the beginning of the teaching. Jesus, the One who came to save people, does not have the heart problem that all other men have inherited from Adam!

These lessons are foundational and they do not expect their audience to skip with joy at every new point they hear. But do pray that as these enormous precepts are laid in place, that their Amdu friends will understand them clearly so that when it comes time to tie it all together there will be nothing missing!

They are so close to seeing people whose eyes and hearts are going to light up as the story continues to unfold and they see how and why Jesus is the Saviour of the world.

Please continue to pray for Missy and Bart, as they are trying to make sure that they have all the necessary Scripture portions translated and well checked with helpers so that they can be used in the lessons. Pray for Benjamin, as he is staying quite busy with tweaking his lessons and getting them ready for teaching. It is a challenge for them to keep ahead of the game each day, but God’s grace is enabling them! In the midst of all this, they continue to live as a family, celebrating kid’s birthdays, home schooling, etc. They count it a privilege to be living and ministering among their Amdu friends!