Jonathan and Heidi Bamford serve among the Isnag people of Asia-Pacific  and will soon be leaving the village for their trip to the USA.  It has been their privilege to teach Bible truth to interested individuals over the past several months. They have been working hard on some goals that they want to accomplish before they go.

Three of the goals have to do with the book of 2 Corinthians. According to translation guidelines, it needs to be comprehension checked at least three times.  Between Jonathan and Heidi, they are working to get all three checks done before they leave. Two have been accomplished and the third is making good progress. Pray for Heidi and her language helper as they work through this check.

Jonathan’s translation helper was able to get back to the village and Jonathan has kept him very busy.

An answer to prayer is that a young man that had to be flown out of the village due to illness has been released from the hospital and is recovering in town.

Praise the Lord that Jonathan was able to finish a cement path and replace 100 meters of leaky pipe in the village.

Pray for them as they travel.