The dry season has started where Lív serves in West Africa. The sorghum, peanuts and corn have done great and are being harvested. Not that many have planted cotton this year. Due to a misunderstanding, they did not get enough seed. Instead, many people planted peanuts. We hope they will continue planting peanuts instead of cotton next year. It would be so much better for their health.

In the summer, Lív was able to go home to the Faroe Islands, visiting friends and family. She was hoping that the renovations on her house would start while there, but unfortunately nothing has happened yet, and it is very frustrating. Lív arrived back to West Africa in September.

A translation consultant has just visited the village to check Genesis and the first six chapters of Daniel. The young translator has translated most of it. It went very well. Lív is now preparing Genesis and those chapters in Daniel ready for printing. Pray that it will go well. They are looking forward to being able to give it to the believers and those that are able to read.

The young translator is also working on 1 and 2 Samuel. He also has his fields to take care of so he is busy.

There is still a lot that needs to be done before the New Testament will be ready for printing. Pray for wisdom and stamina for the tasks and decisions that need to be made. It all seems a bit overwhelming.

Weekly Bible lessons are continuing. Some faithfully attend, whilst others only from time to time. Pray that they will have a good understanding of what is being taught and that the believers will grow in the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers.