Change of Plans

At the centre for missionary training in Brazil, plans, even good plans were changed, cancelled, remade, changed again, and again: it is pretty much the same story as many other places.

Just a month and a half into their first term, in accordance with local and state authorities, the decision was made to suspend classes until the situation allowed them to continue.

Students were able to take three modules online from their different locations. Late August saw the return of students to campus with strict social distancing on campus and self-quarantining from the out-side world for two weeks. During this period, classes were continued online, while the students prepared for their ‘Jungle Camp’ training. Thankfully, they have been able to move ahead with plans.

Jungle Camp is now home for the students for three weeks. They learn to work and resolve their difficulties as a team, to deal with isolation from the outside world, without internet, phone service, electricity or running water, while they set up a fully functional camp with limited resources and practical classes piloting two different forms of river transportation. Please pray for safety (from poisonous snakes and insects and accidents; as well as learning to depend on the Lord) during this time. Edward and Silvia Emsheimer with Lillian helped for the first few days and will be returning occasionally to see how they are doing.

Once Jungle Camp has been completed, plans are to hold in-person classes for the rest of the term with social distancing measures. The principal focus is not academic learning, but being instrumental in God’s working in the lives of missionary candidates, challenging them and coming alongside as they are renewed in knowledge in the image of our Creator (Col 3:10).

Over the past few years, Edward and Silvia have needed to postpone their time of home assignment for different reasons. Now they are making plans to travel back to the USA  as soon as classes finish, shortly before Christmas. So tentatively, their home assignment time will be during the first half of 2021. They desire to visit and share what God is doing among the unreached in Brazil and in the missionary training centre, with as many who will hear. They very much look forward to reconnecting, with family and friends, recharging low batteries and introducing Lillian to her wider family. Please pray for God’s provision of vehicle, places to stay and everything necessary during this time.