Change of ministry

Robert and Rosemarie Baghurst have had a superb couple of month’s weather wise and autumn finally came around this month, somewhat later than usual for which they are very grateful having only the odd fire in an evening to warm them up.
It’s also been a great start to another year at the missionary training centre in Camdenton. Rosemarie’s prayer orientation classes went really well while she was also helping with literacy and commencing the practicum – village life. Now it’s curriculum development, one of her favourite classes and they would value prayer for wisdom as she interacts with the students working on a lesson to the people group that they just studied.
This term Robert has changed his ministry and is now officially the school’s supply buyer, which necessitates him being out and about at least three mornings a week driving within a 30-mile radius of the training centre. He enjoys this and is still able to work alongside a student or two in an afternoon so still has the physical aspect, but not quite as heavy or intense. However this month he’s been struggling with his first ever bout of sciatica. Pray that he will get over this and be back to his normal energy levels. Robert and Rosemarie thank the Lord that he is doing better with his cholesterol. Rosemarie has an appointment in November with the gastrologist who she hopes will be able to give better guidance in order to avoid the persistence of diverticulitis. (Possibly with a colonoscopy.)
Robert and Rosemarie are particularly grateful for prayer concerning friends. For many years the wife has helped the students in the CLA methodology class as they learn the techniques of learning an unwritten language. She had a very difficult life and background and has been hindered in understanding the simplicity of the Gospel. As her husband, who is saved, lies desperately sick in the hospital (where he’s been these past four months now) Robert and Rosemarie ask for prayer for her heart to be softened, her eyes to be opened and much wisdom and discernment for their hospital chaplain.
Also pray for the Ebola situation in West Africa as the disease continues to ravage the land. Pray for George and Lucy Lott in Liberia as they minister to men and women who want to know more of God’s Word and especially uphold Lucy as she recently found out that three of her family members died from Ebola. Pray that God would protect their family.
Robert and Rosemarie are particularly looking forward to thanksgiving this year, the first time when they actually have family coming to stay with them. Their son Timothy and his wife Terra-Leigh the grandchildren Asa and Asher along with Terra-Leigh’s parents Mike and Nena will be visiting. Robert and Rosemarie really enjoy this American holiday when people take time out to stop and thank the Lord; pray that they will have a wonderful time.

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