Change in ministry

Managing the ‘Practical Programme’ is a big job and really needs a couple of people to be running it rather than just an individual.
Recently Kirsty found out that there was a couple that would willing to step into this ministry and take it on as their own, so as of the end of this school year (July 2015) she will no longer be running ‘Practical Programme’ but will hand it over to another staff couple. Kirsty is so thankful to the Lord for answered prayer and that someone can take on this ministry allowing her to focus on the Nursery.
In September Kirsty will transition within the Nursery from the Baby Room to the Preschool Room. The current Preschool teacher will be leaving and so Kirsty is going to attempt to step into her shoes and take on the role of Preschool teacher. Thankfully she has a young lady who is a trained Preschool teacher from Germany coming to help her out in the Preschool room for a year. We are always so thankful for those that come and volunteer a year of their life to help out. Please be praying for me as I make this transition.
In recent years the building used for the Nursery has had many problems with water leaking in through the roof during heavy rains. Although we would love to one day have a purpose built nursery we are very thankful to the ‘Friends in Action’ team from Northern Ireland that came and put a new tin roof on the Nursery building.
Kirsty says “There are so many wonderful things about living here at North Cotes but the one really hard thing for me is all the goodbyes. Not only do I have to say goodbye to the friends I make but also to these dear and very precious children! Investing all your time and energy into friendships each year is hard work and then when you know that in July they will all leave and you have to start all over again in September can be very draining. As I think back over my 16 years of living here I can think of many different friends I have made and how each have influenced my life and I am grateful. Although I don’t have contact with many of them I am thankful for the part they have played in my life. Pray that God would prepare my heart for the sad goodbyes and for the strength to say some happy hellos in September.”

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