Change ahead

With just under three weeks left at North Cotes, and Christmas just around the corner, life is getting quite busy for Geoff, Dar Gail and family.

They will initially spend time with their church, family, and friends in Northern Ireland before heading to the USA to serve at Ethnos 360 Homes click here to learn more about the ‘Homes’.

Dar Gail’s parents recently arrived from the USA to help with the packing up.

Their children’s emotions are running high and it is difficult for Geoff and Dar Gail to know how to balance empathy with order/routine. Thank you for praying for them as they process this move.

At a recent farewell party, they were able to spend a lovely time celebrating the years God has given them at North Cotes, and a chance to share about where He is taking them next.

An answer to prayer is that God has graciously provided a place for them to stay during their time in N.I., and they look forward to getting a chance to catch up with friends and family.

Please pray for them:

  • As they balance their time between tasks and people
  • To make good decisions about what to take/get rid of
  • As the children are really starting to feel the impending change.