Challenging times

In October, one of the pilots, Jon Leedahl was in a motorcycle accident in PNG and lost his leg. He has just had his femur bone shortened again due to infection. Continue to pray for him. On March 6th Toni Stewart, their 43-year-old co-worker, died of a brain tumour, leaving behind her husband and two kids, Jedidiah and Ella-Jo (nine and seven years old).
In January, both the high school principal and vice principal had to head home due to family needs. The principal’s eldest son needs at least six months of cancer treatment. It has been a reminder to Paul and Lesley of how fragile and short our lives are and that we need to seize every moment with those around us in sharing Christ and the real hope that He brings.
Paul and Lesley have had some encouraging times of late as well with the visit of friends from their home church, Kings, in late 2014 and spending Christmas with Paul’s parents in Australia. Lesley’s parents are also planning a visit to PNG this summer, so they look forward to that. Also, for six weeks at the start of 2015, all the PNG staff at Lapilo had the opportunity to hear the chronological teaching. The response was very positive.
Paul continues to be busy with life at the mission school. He is now involved in running the school assembly as well as teaching and coaching. He also continues to help manage the centre and helps to run a sports association for fifteen local secondary schools in the province.
Lesley has been able to get back into the medical clinic a little with help from friends who look after Lydia. As you can expect, home life with three little people has its own set of demands!
Callum is not so little anymore, having turned nine in December! He remains active and is doing very well at school. Amy is full of life and has enjoyed grade 1 this year. Next term she will be home-schooled as her teacher needs to return to the USA for six weeks. Pray for Lesley as she teaches! Lydia is now three and full of mischief and eager to practice new words. She enjoys having stories read to her and putting her big brother and sister in their place!
Please pray for more teachers for the elementary programme at the mission school who can teach their kids. This past year the school was not able to offer grade 6 (P7) due to shortages of personnel.
An answered prayer has been that the mission now has two Kodiak aircraft for PNG. They are currently in Arizona, USA but should be in PNG soon. Thanks for praying!
Paul and Lesley praise the Lord for the influx of new tribal church planting co-workers preparing to allocate to new locations throughout PNG. Exciting! They also praise God for His amazing provision that allows them to stay in PNG as well as for their faithful partnership team who God uses to keep them in ministry in PNG!

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