Challenging questions

Last month Jack and Nel Nugter went with their co-workers and friends, Phil and Sarah Lattin (and their kids), to the east side of Bolivia.
They took some walks around the different areas and enjoyed God’s creation and the lovely “Río Caliente” (hot river) which was very relaxing and a blessing to their exhausted bodies.
Something that really had an impact on them was standing at the memorial place of the five NTM missionaries who lost their lives for the sake of the Gospel in 1943.
Many questions developed in their minds. “Are we still willing to give our lives for the sake of the Gospel or is our own safety the key word? Do we, as New Tribes Mission Bolivia, still have the same vision and spirit as the five who gave their lives? How would these five missionaries (if it were possible) look at how we work now?” Challenging questions to help them stay focused.
Please keep praying for the work going on in Bolivia among different tribes. Pray that more and more Bolivian churches will take over the responsibility of reaching out to their own ethnic groups.
More recently Jack and Nel had an encouraging evening in a small community in Cochabamba. There were fifteen young people present.
The theme was “being sent” and they really paid attention. All sat with their Bible on their lap and listened carefully. The pastor told Jack and Nel that a few are seriously searching for the will of God for their lives.
They invited Jack and Nel to go again another time but for now just to help them with setting up a missionary group so they can guide and encourage their missionaries better as a church.

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