Challenging but encouraging

In September, Andrew and Joanna with Manoah and Chloe, were able to host an American missionary family for three weeks. They came out of their tribe for meetings, to buy supplies and stock up on some home-schooling materials for their three boys. It meant that they had the joy to spend some time with them and were very encouraged as they shared of the Lord’s work in their lives.

Joanna was sick during that time with a virus and had terrible muscle pain. They were thankful for all the help God provided and for prayer during this time.
Andrew and the husband of the family staying with them journeyed to a church conference on the other side of the island (16 hours’ drive). Andrew was thankful to make contacts with church leaders from different tribal villages. He was able to see how church leaders work independently in their tribal churches. Challenging but also encouraging. He also visited a small dormitory for teenage children from remote areas.

With easing travel restrictions, they are able to travel again. Andrew and Joanna found out a clinic for immunisations on another island, which is also a good place to take a family holiday. They have booked a trip for the middle of October. Please pray that as they travel (with all the necessary tests and regulations) and there will be few side effects from the immunisations.

After their return, they are hoping Manoah will start nursery. Schools and nurseries are finally opening up with in-person classes again. Pray that he will settle well especially as it always takes him some time to get used to change. Pray for open doors as they meet other local families. So far that has been a little more difficult with regulations and institutes closed.

Andrew also continues to spend time with his friends from the ‘English club’. Some can help him with language sessions. He enjoysit when they have activities where he gets to have a lot of exposure to the language.

Andrew and Joanna have been able to continue with the sessions from BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and enjoy the questions every week. Recently the passage from Matthew 4:18-20 challenged them afresh. They share that, “As Jesus starts His ministry, He called ORDINARY people to follow Him. The first disciples, fishermen from Galilee, were willing to sacrifice what they knew all their lives; their family, their job and their routines… they were not disappointed. They had many exciting years ahead of them walking and learning from the Saviour of the world and making Him known to others. What a challenge for us to follow Jesus.”