Lance and Laura Ostman are so thankful to God for their home in the USA where work continues on the Higaunon translation.

Praise the Lord that Lance and Laura were able to make their scheduled trip as Laura recovered from bronchitis and an eye infection. She was not able to share the driving as much as she normally does, as she was still not 100%. By the time they arrived in Florida, she was feeling much better. In Florida, they took part in a workshop at the Ethnos360 office, saw some dear friends and attended their sending church. They then travelled to Alabama where friends spoilt them and Lance spoke in a partnering church.

They arrived home in time for a family wedding and precious memories were made in their time with family.

Covid continues to spread in the Philippines; restrictions continue and things change rapidly regarding allowing people into the country. Some of missionaries were ready to go back, only to find out their flights were cancelled or when ready to purchase tickets found the cost at £2800 to £3500 for one round trip ticket! Pray that things will change soon.

Please pray for Lance and Laura’s co-workers of 38 years, who were flown out of their jungle village in the Philippines to the city. They had both been sick but the husband has tested positive for Covid and has pneumonia; he is currently in hospital. Pray that the medication will work and his body will help fight the infection.

Pray for the Higaunon Bible teachers as they minister in outreaches. There are always many challenges for these men and their families as they reach out to others.

Lance continues to work on Scripture translation for the Higaunon and is making good headway re-checking 1 Samuel.

Thank you for praying.