Catching up

David and Chris Price have co-workers who either were caught in the recent earthquakes/tsunami or have been involved in the relief operation although they were not directly affected. Please continue to pray for those helping in relief work both in Lombok and Palu which will take many years of hard work. Pray for those who are processing grief and loss both on human and material levels.

Praise the Lord that Chris was able to hand in her dissertation on time and now the waiting begins until the results are issued in mid-December. They are hoping that she doesn’t have to do a resubmission but she is aware that it may be a very real possibility.

The new term has started for the playgroup so once again they are sharing Bible stories with the children. This term 16 children have enrolled so far. Pray for these little ones as they adjust to life at playgroup. Also, pray that the teaching will have a spiritual impact on their lives.

Once Chris had submitted her dissertation, they had a short break in a nearby town. It was really nice for them to spend some time just relaxing after spending six weeks apart. Chris had to go to a mission guest house that had internet – the internet where they live is currently unreliable. Now they are once again at the hospital site and Chris is adjusting to life in which her dissertation doesn’t dominate every waking moment! Please pray for wisdom as to what she should be involved with ministry wise. She is hoping to be able to catch up on some long-term projects which have been on the back burner.

For a long time the ‘Wound Care Clinic’ has needed to replace the treatment couch. Praise the Lord in September they were able to order a new one, which is already making a big difference in terms of patient comfort and ease of work. The old couch was very hard to move and had an old bed mattress on it that could not be wiped down. The new couch has wheels so can be moved more easily when required and has a wipe down surface, which helps in the infection control fight. Thank you to those whose giving made this a reality.

Recently a young man, with disabilities similar to that of a patient that was treated at the hospital where David and Chris work, completed a rehabilitation programme on the island of Java. David and Chris hope that these two young men will be able to meet and that it would lead to some type of formal training that has the potential to transform the former patient’s life. The logistics of the trip are rather challenging, please pray that it will become a reality. Also, pray that these two young men will become an encouragement to each other spiritually as well.

David and Chris would like to thank you for all your faithful prayer, and encouragement.