Carrying on

When on March 13th the German government decided that all schools should be closed, all contacts minimised and many airports shut indefinitely, work for Benjamin and Wina Hansen with Noah at the German mission headquarters carried on.

Since the short-term programme is not state-subsidised, they were not required to have the short-term members return to Germany. However, most of them who were planning to come back this summer have now already returned- When North Cotes College was required to close, where some were serving they moved back to Germany; others returned after being urged to do so by the field leadership overseas. Ben and Wina are grateful that most of them managed to return more or less smoothly.

Please pray for the short-term members who had to return a few months early and have now been confronted with many questions: Where should I live? What should I do?  Will I find work? Etc.

Continue to pray for Ben and Wina in their ministry as well. Due to the current situation, they have had to hold off temporarily on quite a few young people have planned a ministry starting in the summer/autumn this year. Pray for wisdom for them to know how to continue their work and prepare the short-termers for their possible areas of service, even though so much is going differently this year. Pray for those preparing to go overseas in a few months even though at this point there are still many uncertainties!

The future is unknown, but Ben and Wina know Him Who holds the future in His hands!

They are very grateful to God for their home in Hückeswagen. They enjoy the nature around them, often making campfires or working in the garden, and are simply grateful to live in a community with the other missionaries where they can encourage and help each other and enjoy good times together.

Most of all they know that they are richly blessed by God to have hope and inner peace. God is above all and He cares for each and every one of us, all at the same time! What a wonderful and indescribable God He is!