Care giving

Since Liv’s father died in 1998, Liv’s mother has lived alone. Five years ago she started to have trouble with her memory and is now at a stage where she cannot be alone anymore. At the beginning of June she broke her right ankle and because of osteoporosis it has not healed as it should. Then in September she broke her left hip and had it replaced. She had been in hospital but has just recently returned home.
Praise the Lord that it is possible for Liv to be a help to her mum in her time of need.
Pray that the Lord gives Liv patience, wisdom and strength as she cares for her mum and that Liv can be an encouragement to her.
Liv’s heart is still with the Badiaranke people but the Lord has given her peace that this is the right thing to do now that her mum cannot be alone anymore and needs care and she is glad that she is able to help her.
Only the Lord knows when Liv will be able to go back to Senegal and she just needs to leave that in His hands. While caring for her mum, she will not be able to continue with her translation ministry.
Continue to pray for the Badiaranke work and that Lord willing, He will bring the believers together so that they can be an encouragement to each other. Pray for those still listening to the MP3 players that the Lord will draw them to Himself.

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