Calm before the storm

February was just what Boris, Valentina Bergen with Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea needed, some rest, normal everyday life, no big events… It was so good for all of them.

They were even able to tackle a few small projects around the house – the last time Boris had time to build anything was a year ago. It was good for him to pursue his hobby again and build something practical.

In addition, God shows them that He also has the “little things” in His hand. They are thrilled to see how God has opened hearts and given them wisdom and understanding. Living in dependence on God on a daily basis is a good and healthy place to be.

Boris and Valentina count it a privilege to work with people who also have it in their hearts to obey Him and who are willing to submit to leadership. Through them God’s Word will soon be communicated effectively and clearly and in areas that have not yet had the opportunity to hear the unadulterated Good News.

They desire that their fellowship among missionaries always remains open and honest that GOD may be glorified through their love and dealings with one another. The enemy certainly does not like it when they live in unity like this. Please pray that they will not give him a target in their local team.

This month Boris has taken a trip to another country for a “Language Helper Adviser Course” for two and a half weeks. This is an extremely important training course and a great blessing that he is able to attend.

This course will better equip Boris to use the language programme, lead better, give support, and  identify problems early and to offer solutions. It will train him to lead people in language studies and give him tools to better encourage and have conversations with language students more effectively, especially those that are in-depth. This will empower him to do exactly what they are actually doing right now. Valentina also desires to take this course. They look forward to receiving more material, knowledge and pointers to better serve in the Philippines.

Pray for Boris that he can concentrate well, take in and retain information and also that he will be blessed by enriching relationships.

Pray for Valentina, Melina and the kids at home that they too have a good, blessed and protected time together.

Pray for the new families that will arrive this month. They are in the final sprint in their home countries. Pray for good last weeks and for a safe arrival and that they will settle well in the Philippines. Also, pray with Boris and Valentina for houses for these families. God has always provided wonderfully and they want to trust Him to again, give them the right houses and contacts so that these families can quickly move into their own homes.