Call into a new ministry

In 2003 they moved to Thailand. After learning the Thai-language they became involved in tribal ministry among the Prai people group in Northern Thailand. In 2007 the Lord brought them back to Germany to be involved in an administrative ministry at the German NTM headquarters, but they also stayed connected with the Prai work. When Frank and Christine began their MA-studies in Member Care the Lord started to gently open other doors and opportunities for a different ministry.
An assignment they needed to write challenged them to think about their own engagement in missions and how to implement the great things they studied during the courses. At this time they had contact with Crossroads Ministries, located right in the neighbourhood of NTM Germany. This organisation works with former prisoners and substance addicts serving for social reintegration. After a few initial contacts and meetings they were invited to join this ministry. Following a long period praying and considering this request, they also met with their mission-board and got involved with a contact-group that regularly visits a prison in Bochum etc.
Frank and Christine will join the leadership team of Crossroads Ministries in June. Their main responsibility will be personnel matters and Member Care as well as a few other leadership tasks.
They are excited about this new challenge of being involved in a ministry that allows them to use the skills they have learned over the last couple of years. They will have the opportunity to creatively shape new processes and to invest their time in personnel and in those who seek help.
Pray for Frank, Christine, Simon, Josias and Lisbeth as they move house, even though it is just a move to the next village and start this new ministry.

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