By God’s Grace

Thom and Carolyn Cunningham are very thankful to the Lord that they arrived safely in the USA at the end of August. They are slowly recuperating from all the wrapping up of their ministries during lockdown, then packing, shipping and moving, during the last weeks, and the long car, train and plane travel and the resulting jet lag.

The Lord provided amazing helpers – neighbours and friends – who gave so much amazing help and ‘muscle’ in moving and in packing all their earthly belongings into a 20-foot shipping container, helping them to clear and clean their rented home, and dispose of and distribute all the remaining bits and pieces, both locally and at North Cotes. How they praise the LORD for His direction and strength in moving to be with family and a new home. They are really enjoying being with family.

Their shipping container should arrive, Lord willing, this weekend – and all will be placed in storage for the time being. Thom and Carolyn’s new home; a cosy 750 sq. ft. ‘grandparent addition’ that family members have been working on is still not quite ready. Currently they are staying in a large, very comfortable camper van parked right next to the new addition. They hope to occupy it in about two to three weeks.

Although now based in the USA, Thom and Carolyn will be continuing to return regularly for three to four months per year, to the UK for their normal part-time teaching at North Cotes College. This could involve additional training and discipleship seminars in the UK and on the Continent (i.e. Germany), and visits, as the Lord provides and enables.

They are so very grateful to the Lord for your faithfulness and partnership in their lives through prayer!