Busy lives

Francois Hattingh has visited four believers’ groups in four locations to disciple the leaders from these groups. There are a lot of spiritual attacks on the believers and many are starting to fall away. Pray for faithfulness in attending the meetings and that they will reflect in their lives what is right and true. Pray for the leaders.
In July a new group started to hear the teaching in the village where Francois and Nadia live. Pray for the Mwinika Bible teacher as he teachers and also that many will attend and be saved.
Nadia is translating some literacy material into English in anticipation of a consultant visit in October. Pray for good time management as there is much to do in all the different roles of her life! She continues to supervise the two literacy classes running in two locations. The team are very encouraged with the students’ faithfulness in attending daily classes. Pray for the two Mwinika literacy teachers as they teach, but more than that: to live Christ in a very practical way in their communities.
The Lord is truly doing amazing things in another village. Pray that many will come to Christ and that a strong church will be built. Pray for the believers there that their houses will withstand the continued rains and for the provision of all their needs.
Francois is responsible for about 18 NTM missionaries’ work permits. Most have to be renewed on a yearly basis. Praise the Lord for good relationships with officials, patience, and many miracles as they have seen documents coming through that should have taken much longer! Pray for the time and strength for Francois to attend to this responsibility.
Recently Francois attended meetings with other NTMers in Africa about the putting together of a ‘Cross-Cultural Ministry course’ for people who want to serve as missionaries from Africa. Praise the Lord for good meetings and that the group decided on an excellent base curriculum that can be adapted to the context. Pray for the next steps and for the right people.
Another task for Francois is fixing things in the home; it seems that when they fix one thing, three more break. Pray with them for a solution? It is very draining to have to constantly fix – or compensate for unfixed things – while living and working in the bush.
In August Francois and Nadia gladly welcomed back their co-workers, Phil and Elin Henderson. They recently took their daughter off to boarding school. Pray for them as they settle back into life in the village.
Francois and Nadia’s three children are entering their teen years now and as they anticipated, their needs are changing. They need much wisdom in knowing how to answer these needs; pray for open doors.
At the end of the month Francois and Nadia have leadership meetings, a field conference and a literacy workshop in the city. They are looking forward to connecting with other co-workers that they haven’t seen for a while, get spiritual input, have some fun, and learn more. Afterwards the International and Africa consultants for literacy will be visiting their village for a week. Pray for a fruitful and blessed time together!

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