Busy days

Amy was glad of a speedy recovery from malaria. Aaron came down with malaria too. It took him a bit longer to recover so he took it a bit easier and concentrated on fitting screening in the office. It will help to keep bugs and mosquitoes out that are attracted by the lights during the literacy class.

Aaron plans to get as much practical work done as possible before leaving for home assignment at the end of March. Please pray for safety for Aaron. Quite a bit of his work will be on top of the water tower.
In his spare time he will work on a rough outline for the Bible lessons and do some language sessions. Pray for direction and insight for Aaron as he begins to work on the outline for the Bible lessons.
Continue to pray for a small group (at least 4-5 Glarro men) that will help Aaron in putting Bible lessons into good, understandable Glarro by the end of the year.

Amy has made some headway in getting post literacy reading materials ready. They would like to print some small booklets to leave with their literacy students while they are on home assignment.

Pray for the literacy class. It has slowed down quite a bit due to their added workload during the farming season at this time of the year, and other reasons.

Amy also had the opportunity to talk some with an older lady about her spiritual condition but also wants to talk to her language helper again before leaving for home assignment this month. Pray that God will continue to direct them in their conversations with people.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy and the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa.

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