Busy days

The Christmas break was a very busy time for Adrian Jotter as he took over the communication in the renovation of two houses for new missionaries. This was necessary due to their co-worker’s departure to Germany for health reasons. The new missionaries were hoping to move in before Christmas, but there were too many outside factors that they simply couldn’t change. Evelyn’s parents and brother also visited at this time, and they enjoyed celebrating Christmas and New Year together, and they helped Adrian and Evelyn manage their new responsibilities. It gave their visitors a very good insight into their lives in the Philippines. They were all amazed at God’s timing concerning meeting people spontaneously and perfectly timed weather (since it is rainy season).

After the lovely family visit Adrian and Evelyn focused fully on language and culture study for one more week, before they had their evaluation. An experienced consultant was able to travel from Austria and evaluate them and help with some other things during his trip. They received very valuable input on how to advance into deeper levels of language. They also learnt that they have reached the required level of language and culture needed for their time in Malaybalay. They will continue to learn Visaya until the end of February, using methods that dive a lot deeper into idioms and discourse. These methods will help them to reach a very deep level of language in a future language study. This is necessary for church planting.

Beginning in March they will support their friends, who will take on the roles and responsibilities of the family that has left for medical reasons. At the same time, they pray that they can become involved in people group assessments.

At the end of June, they plan to travel to Germany for their first home assignment. A lot of things are already planned for the summer, and in the coming months they will begin planning church visits for the autumn.


  • For God’s protection when Adrian fell with his motorbike.
  • Their co-workers arrived in Germany just in time and treatment has started.
  • For a very good time with Evelyn’s family during the Christmas break.
  • For their home school helper and his family, who have created a good school environment that is helping the kids to settle.
  • For the very good feedback from their language and culture study evaluation and valuable input on how to dive deeper into language.
  • That they reached a sufficient level of Visaya to move to the next stage of training.
  • The kids at the local elementary school seem to enjoy listening to the chronological teaching, and a Filipino friend sometimes takes a turn in teaching one of the lessons.


  • That the wounds from Adrian’s fall will heal well.
  • For effective treatment and healing for their co-worker in Germany.
  • For a strong finish in their language learning.
  • For people group assessments to be able to start soon, and that the Lord will guide them to the place where He wants them to church plant.
  • That hearts of those who they will minister to would be prepared.
  • That the biblical teaching at the elementary school sinks into the children’s hearts.
  • For health; as a family they have been struggling on and off with stomach issues.
  • That their house helpers and language helpers know Jesus as their Saviour.