Busy Days

In January Anne-Laure took a Child Safety Course in PNG. This happened at the same time that the couple who run the NTM guesthouse had to leave for medical reasons. So Anne-Laure took over the guesthouse ministry for a time. Koen got things ready to receive the second Kodiak.

For her birthday in February Anne-Laure flew by helicopter into the Wantakia tribal group. It was very special and she enjoyed her time there and was also able to cut some hair for the missionary families.

Koen and Anne-Laure’s son Josh (an NTMA pilot), had an accident in March. He was pushed off the road and is ok but the car was not. The car was needed as Koen goes back and forth between the hangar/airport in town and the NTM base. He works with the leaders and trains the newer guys. Also there was major flooding in the country. One bridge close to the base was washed away. 

In April there was a changeover of planes to the new Kodiaks. There were a lot of parts and a few planes that were standing around in the hangar and a team from the USA packed two big containers with all that is no longer needed, ready to ship it back to the USA for possible sale. Also the third Kodiak arrived in PNG. God has been so good. Please thank Him with Koen and Anne-Laure.

The academic year at the NTM school in Lapilo finished during May. Also a lot of people have left for home assignment or because their term was finished. It leaves a lot of holes, or thinking of it more positively, with lots of possibilities for others to come and help/serve in PNG. The school needs teachers!

Koen is going to the USA for NTMA meetings in August. This Year Anne-Laure will be travelling with him. They have a short stop in Belgium to see their kids and grandkids. For them a few years is a long time. Their meetings in the USA are in August and they plan to return to Papua New Guinea after that. Pray for Koen and Anne-Laure as they travel and for the NTMA team that will be left behind for about six weeks. Some new families are due to arrive and some are battling sickness.

Thank you praying for Koen and Anne-Laure.

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