Busy days

The weather was not good in March but there were two separate conferences going on in different corners of the country, a new tribal team is in the process of allocating to their remote location, two medical evacuation flights and some regular flights as well! This resulted in an extremely busy month for Josh, he flew just over 100 hours in March! The normal average per pilot per month is about 35 hours.

Josh is pleased to announce that his field airstrip checkout is almost complete! There are a few advanced airstrips that he does not qualify for yet, but he is checked out to go to most of NTM’s PNG locations!

They thank the Lord for granting safety during this busy time.

Pray for the two families are currently building houses in preparation to move in to this new area and start a ministry there!

Josh and Erin are proud to announce that their family of two will become three this year! They are expecting a little one in November! Please pray for safety for Erin during the pregnancy! They are excited that the timing of the birth of their first child coincides with their planned home assignment starting in September! God is answering prayer and has provide flights and a vehicle. Pray that they can find a furnished place to live for an affordable cost. Also pray for the safe birth of their child and that everything goes well paperwork wise.

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