Burnt out

Chantal Parrillo has been struggling with her health for many months now. They kept trying to find ways to reduce her load and still be able to pursue their ministry objectives. Alessandro and Chantal finally realised that this strategy is obviously not working. They are burnt out and need an extended break to regain their health and strength.

They continued to pray for God’s guidance as they looked at various options of where they could go for a break. Due to the current global situation, closed borders and closed airports, their options were very limited. The only remotely possible option was to return to Canada.

They had two days to pack and close up the house and then two days to make the 16-hour drive to the city, which was exhausting. Then after a few days a long flight to Canada.

Please pray:

For their health and strength in these crazy days but also in the coming months as they try to fully recover;

For the rest of the K…… missionary team who are dealing with extra stress with their quick departure and as they prepare to begin the Bible teaching next year.

Pray that the hearts of the K…… people will be prepared to receive God’s truth.

Praise God:

That they were able to return to Canada

For the way He has guided and helped them this far and for the many believers who have been a blessing to them along the way.

Praise the Lord for progress in preparing for the Bible teaching next year.