David and Rachel Burke with Daniel and Rebekah plan to return to Guinea early July D.V. Pray for wisdom as they make preparations for their return.
David and Rachel’s co-worker’s son will be visiting with his parents for the summer. The Burkes hope to see him for a few weeks in July before he returns to the USA at the beginning of August. Daniel and Rebekah are really looking forward to seeing him again. Pray for safety in travel and that he will really enjoy his time back in Guinea.
The believers continue to meet regularly for Bible study. They also continue to face pressures for their faith. One of them had a death in his family recently and had great pressure put on him to perform the rituals and sacrifices that are normally performed at this time on behalf of the dead. Praise God for the courage given in this situation but it can’t be easy. Please remember them in prayer.
There have been around 140 deaths due to the Ebola outbreak in Guinea but there does seem to be a slowdown of the disease. Some airlines will soon recommence their flights to Guinea, and Senegal has reopened its borders with Guinea. Praise God for answered prayer and continue to pray continue for the Lord to keep His hand on the situation.

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