Building relationships

One of the great things Andrew enjoys about serving the Lord at a Christian school is that he gets to work with some of the people. He wants to build relationships with them so he can either reach them with the Gospel or encourage them in their faith. He has already had opportunities to speak into the young men’s lives and trusts many more opportunities will come in the future. By employing both the young men and older girls to clean up and paint their own dorms and classrooms, then they may take some sense of ownership and responsibility to encourage others to keep the areas clean and tidy, after all their hard work.

The little army of helpers are keen to volunteer and at times Andrew wonders whether they are putting more paint on the walls or on themselves. However, he is extremely thankful for all their help as it is a lot of work for one man.
The Lord has answered prayer and Andrew has settled in really well. It has been a busy settling in period! He hit the ground running by trying to sort running water for the guesthouse and a staff apartment, which now installed, makes life so much easier.

The last six weeks have been an interesting balance of getting used to his surroundings, often going for supplies and doing lots of maintenance work around the school.

He also had the opportunity to visit Kenya, which allowed him to see lots of the work there and make some notes for things they could do in Uganda.

One of the first big jobs that he was able to do with the young men currently attending the school, was concreting a floor for a workshop. Previously a cow barn, it is now cleaned up and will be of great use in the future. It already stores much of what was in three other buildings and having cleared those areas they can proceed with work on the missionary apartments early in the new year.

But before that they are undertaking work on the school kitchen. They have a major job ahead of them as smoke damage from the open fires makes things more difficult. The walls are black from the many years of open fires and the roof has warped under the intense heat. Soon it will be a productive and efficient school kitchen, which will pass the standards required by the local authorities. They have to complete the work before the school starts at the end of this month.

Andrew would appreciate your prayers that he might be able to take time out from an extremely busy schedule to spend time with the orphans.

Pray that he can balance all the responsibilities over the next month so he can complete the kitchen works safely and on time, while planning for a team in February, and getting the school ready for the new school year.

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