Building relationships

Daniel and Nicole Noort hope to continue the process of applying for permanent residence in Canada. However, they recently learnt of the need to apply for a new work permit regardless of applying for residence. The last month they have been working with Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (NEFC) on all steps needed to get this process going and are nearly ready to send in the application for the work permit.

Meanwhile they have been able to continue their Bible Study in Acts with two friends on the reserve. They all enjoy their time together and their relationship is good. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and that they may increase in the knowledge of God, that the teaching may produce fruit and that their friends will be enabled to be a great witness to their family who used to go to church but no longer seem to be walking with the Lord.

Another friendship Daniel and Nicole enjoy is with an older couple who live in the same town. He is a painter who came to know the Lord and was saved when he was 55. Whenever Daniel has the time, he helps him with rebuilding a little old abandoned Anglican chapel the couple bought and are turning into a home and art gallery. He would love to start doing a Bible study with Daniel and invite all of his friends. There is still a lot of work to be done in the old church. Nicole does weekly Bible studies with his wife who is from the Philippines and is a great sister in the Lord.

Daniel and Nicole are thankful for God’s peace in these difficult times of lockdown. Pray for them as they finish their move to NEFC, for God’s blessing in the application of a new work permit, provision for the permanent residence application and opening of the door for their son David to go to Bible school.