Building relationships

Daniel and Nicole Noort with David have returned to the training center after spending six weeks among First Nations people building relationships and learning culture. It was awkward in the beginning but they took all the uncertainties and disappointments to the Lord, told Him everything they had in their hearts and waited for His answer. This opened doors to contacts with First Nations people who wanted to tell them about their culture and language. They were given the opportunity to learn some of the Ojibwe language, witness a number of ceremonies in the village and in the reserve nearby.

Daniel and Nicole have seen that the First Nations go to great lengths to restore their own traditions and customs in order to regain their own identity. They also notice that there is much suffering, visible and invisible. They trust in the Lord that what they have been able to sow through their presence and friendship will be a blessing.

David has finished his schooling and can continue to the next class. He still needs six credits to graduate from the Canadian school system. Pray with them as they consider whether the next steps for David’s schooling, possibly another year at a local school.

Daniel and Nicole are very grateful as to how the Lord meets their needs time and again. Pray that people would get behind them in both prayer and support.

Daniel and Nicole also ask for prayer for their time in Durham and the possibility of obtaining a driving license for Nicole.