Building project

They initially thought of a two-room construction but it will be too expensive. Expenses are always higher on the island as it costs a lot of money to get the materials from the main island. Therefore, they started with a budget of around £32,000 but quickly reduced it to one classroom with a budget or approximately £19,000.

They will start making the blocks in August and once that is complete building will start. They have received one generous gift of £3,500 towards the project and that will get it going. They will continue the project as they receive funds.

Lord willing, Philip and Vina will start a second project next year with an elementary school in another area on the island where they will also need a place to teach the Bible lessons. This school however already have a half finished building, which they just need to complete for them.

Thank you for praying and being a part of this ministry in seeing the Agutaynens receive the true Gospel.

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