Building blocks

Chris and Meegan Weaver and family are part of the missionary team that serves in Papua New Guinea.

Last month, Chris was busy gearing up for house building with the Kuyu team. The family are all thrilled that he gets to have an active part in helping build the teams houses amongst this people group who have been asking for missionaries for seven years. More importantly, he is also getting the opportunity, along with all the other workers, to be a light to these people, showing Christ’s love and unity as they work together and building blocks to develop a hunger to hear God’s Word. The Kuyu people are watching them closely and seeing the difference.

Chris will be away for most of September. He was in Kuyu for ten days and is now in Yifki for ten days before heading back into Kuyu for another ten days.

Thankfully, Kuyu has a mobile phone signal and that helps the family stay connected. However, they appreciate prayers for the time he is away and for safety for him!

They will be returning as a family to the USA in May/June 2023. They cannot wait to see everyone and reconnect! Please pray that they will get the necessary travel documents for their daughter Maggie. They will need accommodation in a furnished apartment or home to for about seven months, and a vehicle to borrow during their home assignment.

Meegan gets to spend her days chasing a cheeky toddler around while the big kids are in school for the morning. They have also taken on more hosting with providing meals and helping new people to the centre, as well as being on the school’s yearbook team.

Prayer and Praises

Pray for:

– Their kids that they would look to the Lord, learn to be diligent in their studies, and grow in their love for the Lord.

– Safety as Chris works and travels.

– The Kuyu build teams working daily to get the missionaries moved in.

– Ministry opportunities off and on centre, encouraging and sharing the Gospel.

– Dependence and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

– For Chris and Meegan as they navigate parenting.

Praise for:

– God’s goodness and faithfulness

– The opportunity for the kids to grow and be challenged in school.