Brothers, pray for us

Robert writes, ”Brothers, pray for us. 1 Thess.5:25. This verse from 1 Thessalonians is one of the shortest verses in the Bible but these words were of great importance to the apostle Paul. Paul often asked the churches he wrote to pray for him and his co-workers in the work of preaching the Gospel. Paul knew the importance of churches supporting him through prayer.”
Robert and Nicole are thankful for the past months during which they visited several churches and prepared for the time they will spend with the believers in PNG. They finished the back to English translation of all the translated chapters of Exodus. Robert has also been able to make good progress on making the dialect changes. Robert and Nicole also did some printing and Robert was able to record the whole book of Genesis for the Audio Bibles they will take with them.
On Friday Robert and Nicole will start to make their journey to PNG. In Goroka they will spend a couple of days preparing for their time in the bush and packing the things they will take to the different locations where they will stay.
Robert and Nicole have planned to spend the first part of their time in the tribe in the Iwalaqamalje area. They are looking forward to spending time with the believers from the different villages. Robert plans to check with the local language helpers the things he has worked on this past year and continue to work on more of the translation of Exodus. He will also go ahead with making more Bible lessons on Genesis and do some Bible teaching.
The second part of their time Robert and Nicole will spend on the Igwaye/Gwase side of the tribe. There they will work with the believers on making more dialect changes. Robert and Nicole will be working together with their co-workers Wes and Penny Chappell. Wes has almost finished official culture and language study and will be able to start preparing Bible lessons for teaching the people.

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