Bringing back God’s Talk!

This week Jason and Nisae WiIIiamson with Judah and Eden will begin their journey back to Papua New Guinea.

Because of Covid restrictions, after they arrive in country they will have to quarantine for two weeks. They are so excited about re-connecting with their co-workers, and re-engaging in ministry with their dear friends in the tribe.

In order to fly, they need to receive negative Covid tests and complete a mountain of paperwork. Pray for their travels, that they remain healthy and have no hiccups along the way?

As they look back at this last year their hearts are filled with so much joy and gratitude for all that God has accomplished in their family. They have been so blessed by the rich friendships, great memories with family, times of renewal, coaching from godly friends, and God’s provision for each and every one of their needs. Their daughter Kadynn, will be staying in the USA. She will continue working for the rest of the summer before attending Bible school at the beginning of August. Pray for Kadynn and for the family as they say goodbye for now.

It is thrilling to see what God has accomplished over these last few years in the Iski ministry. One of those highlights is the translation of much of the Iski New Testament along with some Old Testament portions.  Recently Jason and Nisae’s co-worker was able to format all of the completed portions (50% of the NT) and have it printed here in the USA.  Jason and Nisae will be buying extra baggage and taking 200 books back with them to hand out to the Iski believers. This book will be their Bible for the next few years until the whole Iski New Testament is finished and will get a lot of use over the next three to five years! They are excited to bring back and share these Scriptures with the Iski church!