Brief update

This week both Norman and Bobby leave for Canada. They will spend a couple of days at NTM Canada’s training centre before moving on west to visit family in Alberta. Of course they are looking forward to seeing their families and having some ‘grandchildren’ time.

Norman and Bobby have been concerned for Bobby’s mother who broke her hip in a fall at her home and has been in hospital. She came through the operation well but is taking some time to regain strength and mobility. It is encouraging to see signs of improvement before they leave

Bobby will return home to N. Ireland and Norman will fly on to Asia. Plans for this time in Asia include survey trips, teaching times, leadership meetings and visiting some of their teams and will involve a lot of travel around the region.

Norman and Bobby are encouraged as they see God at work. Recently the Bru church met at a nearby lake for a baptismal service. Three men who had recently come to faith and three young women were baptised. The church continues to reach out and grow.

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