Bridge finished!

Grant and Marianne Bayfield serve among the Manobo people in the Philippines. They are very thankful that recently their new bridge became operational; 105 feet of luxury river crossing. They thank the Lord for His constant direction and wisdom and for safety and strength for the workers. They also thank Him for all who partnered with them to bring this gift to this community!

They will no longer worry about people being on the wrong side of the stream when it floods, and once they have fixed a few problem spots on the motorbike trail, it will be a much-used trade route, to take products like corn and bananas to town, and to bring supplies from town.

They are also thankful for:

Their new Filipino teammate, Carl. He will be joining the new work at a village further up in the mountains but learning the language first.

A lot of signs of growth and using of gifts among the believers.

A tribal chant contest night – six hours of praising the Lord and preserving culture!

Pray for:

Wisdom and learning for Marianne to guide the parents of a cerebral palsy baby in how to care for their child and advance development.   

Villagers with illnesses that require hospital visits.

The 32 students in the high school dorm to continue to learn and grow, and for their teammates as they advise and teach them.         

Continued growth of their Bible teachers-in-training, and familiarity with the lessons as they teach a few men through the Gospel together.

Wisdom for translating the last chapter of 1 Thessalonians, and portions of 2 Thessalonians and Revelation, and for teaching them to the people.

Continued peace in their area, and continued absence of the virus so they can keep working unhindered.