By God´s grace Barbara got her visa renewed. The new one lasts until December 2016.
In January NTM Brazil had a field conference at the MK-school in Puraquequara. The missionaries had a good time together which was followed by a seminary about foundational teaching. Barbara was glad to be reminded of some of the important/crucial things she had already learned in her training.
During her orientation time in Manaus, Barbara together with her colleague Rachelle was able to visit a tribal work for ten days. It was an exciting trip. The village ladies shared their lives with them, taking them fishing, harvesting manioc and getting fire wood etc. Even though the river was very low they could go on a boat trip to another village. They spent way more time in the boat than in the village but it was worth it. These people need more missionaries but right now it doesn´t look like there are any available.
Barbara has talked with NTM leadership in Manaus about possible places to work. There is a huge need for missionaries but it is still not easy to know where to fit in best. 
God is teaching Barbara patience in the process and He keeps reminding her that He is in control and she just needs to trust Him or, even better, to rest in Him. He will show the way in His good time. He is never late.
Barbara will have to apply for her permanent visa in December in Brazil. Currently she is on home assignment in Germany in order to sort out some administrative details. In September she will be returning to Brazil.
Thank you for praying for Barbara.

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