Brakes are on

Gene and Carol Trudeau were planning to go to their Manubu’ village in the Philippines to take in papers so that their three Manubu’ translation assistants would need in order to obtain travel permits to travel to town where Gene and Carol live to check Manubu’ translation for comprehension. Gene also intended to fix a problem with the laptop that one Manubu’ believer uses to do a rough draft translation of Old Testament books from the Higaonon language to Manubu’.

They had prayed that if any plan they came up with was not God’s plan that He would put the brakes on. God has put the brakes on the plan for Gene and Carol to travel to their Manubu’ village as they were not able to get the necessary documentation in order to travel. Thankfully, the pilot was able to drop off the papers the men would need to obtain travel permits.

But, the men have now learned that if they were to be given travel permits (and that is not certain) upon returning home they would have to quarantine for two weeks. That would mean that with a week out in town and then two weeks quarantine they wouldn’t be able to work their farms for a total of three weeks. That would not be good because their farms are their livelihood. For now, all plans to get together with translation assistants are on hold.

Please continue to PRAY that as they work on various plans to get together with their translation assistants, if a plan is not good God will clearly put the brakes on it. However, if it is a good plan, that He will make it all come together so their helpers can come out to town or Gene and Carol can go into the village.