Bolivian Missions Conference

The subjects Jack spoke about were “True love for God”, “True love for God’s Word”, “True love for the Church” and “True love for the lost”.
Then during two special sessions he spoke about “The authority and presence of Christ in missions” and “Making the right choices”.

There was a lot of youth present and it was a real blessed time in which Jack and Nel saw the Spirit of God work out the teaching into the hearts of the hearers. The youth also had a special afternoon with a typical Bolivian meal which Jack and Nel were able to enjoy too.
The young people closed the conference with several beautiful songs. A month ago they had the idea of forming a choir. The way they performed their songs was amazing and God honouring.

Jack and Nel give praise to God for His blessings and for the way this church is functioning as a body, in their locality and toward missions.

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