Jack and Nel Nugter’s daughter, Nadina, and her husband, Joe, have now been in Bolivia for one month. For three weeks they worked in a house for street children and then went to Cochabamba, the town where Jack and Nel live.
They are staying in a guesthouse, so they will have some privacy but Jack and Nel see them most days and they have made some small trips in the area. They have been to the Cristo, a second hand market and to a lake up into the mountains, Lake Tunari, which was beautiful but also very cold.
This week Nadina and Joe helped at the Carachipampa school camp. That’s one of the schools where Nadina went during her time in Bolivia. It has been a busy time with not a lot of sleep.
In the meantime, Jack and Nel have been busy with their ministry. Jack is preparing some sermons for a couple of mission conferences in Bolivia and Argentina. Nel is packing their belongings for the container ready for their return to Europe. They are right on schedule, but would appreciate your prayers.

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