Blessings amidst pain

In 2018, after 45 years serving in Colombia, it was strange for Mark and Joyce Cain to think that they would be settling down in America. However, they were not really settling down, at least not then. Looking to retirement the following year, there was much work they still wanted to accomplish.

Mark continued to translate Scripture, planning to return to Colombia for two months later in 2019 to do a translation check on those final portions. The Guahibo Bible (complete New Testament and portions of the Old Testament) would then be ready to be formatted and sent to the printers.

That was the plan until they realised that Mark was sick with a fast-growing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma!

There are blessings during this trying time of the COVID-19 virus for all of us and Mark and Joyce are accustomed to trials. Pray for them as Mark is becoming weaker.

One tremendous blessing is that God allowed them to have their children all home from the mission fields of Mexico and Paraguay at this time!

Another HUGE blessing is to have been able to finish the Guahibo Bible right before Mark became too ill. It has been the desire of Mark’s heart for God to allow him to finish this last part of the job God had given them, before he meets the ONE he has been serving for 48 years! The formatter at NTM’s home office in Florida is just about ready to have the Bible sent to their partner in Colombia, who will then to take it to the Bible Society to print! These portions of the OT and revised NT took them and the Guahibo co-translators 17 years! It takes a TEAM!

Please pray for Mark, Joyce, and family.

The blessings keep rolling at this trying time in their lives. The HUGE sum of £227,000 they needed to print the Bible is now down to only £12,000 that they are lacking! Pray that the rest comes in soon.