At the end of May Lisa’s son Benjamin and Missy with Judah, Gianna, Tiernan and Silas returned to America after their first term in Papua New Guinea. The next seven months will be a precious time for Lisa as they will live close by and she will enjoy the kids popping in, having meals together, walks in the park, and of course ice cream!
Continue to pray for the Amdu people in PNG, for their hearts to be prepared to hear the Gospel in the not too distant future when Benjamin and Missy finish language learning.
It is a delight for Lisa to have all her kids and grandkids together in the same country for these next few months. With Christopher and Mandy and their four kids in Ohio and Isaac and Camille in Indiana they will try to get together as often as possible.
The middle of June brought newly married daughter Deborah and Matt Zowada up to Jackson, Michigan to join the staff. Lisa has found it a delight to help them set up their first home as a married couple and anticipate them being co-workers.
At the end of June Cillian James Logan Conard was born to Martha and Bryan, Lisa’s ninth grandchild.
Lisa is thankful for the prayers and support that enable her to continue on in ministry at NTBI Jackson. She feels blessed and privileged to be a part of this work.

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