Over the past year, Lourens and Marie Laureti had many goodbyes and too many kids leaving the house. They are stationed at the mission centre in Papua New Guinea. From here, Lourens is working with the broader national church in PNG. Their four children are doing well but live in four different locations; the youngest is still at home.

There are about 20 tribal church planting groups, where the missionaries had to leave, whether the work was completed and there is a growing church, or the work was unfinished.

Lourens and a team of national elders are working with these 20 language groups, giving training to them, visiting them, equipping them, and encouraging them. There are not enough expat missionaries to go and fill these gaps… but the already existing church in PNG can. It is helping the different tribal churches to join hands and becoming the ONE church of GOD.

Lourens is also helping with the team formation and allocation of six missionary families new to PNG.

Most days the hours are not enough and the hands are not enough.

Between these roles and some others, it is hard for him to find time to switch off, to really rest, with a brain that is not still running in hundreds of directions… he does get discouraged, worried, and tired. Nevertheless, God always gives him hope to press on and a vision and hope for the global CHURCH in PNG with all its needs. Pray for him for wisdom in this calling.

Marie misses her kids and their laughter but asks God to help her use her newly found time well. She enjoys life on the mission centre surrounded by other missionary wives, working in the business office and as guesthouse manager, making sure visiting missionaries have a restful place to stay. Her favourite thing is to be available for whatever God has for her each day.

Lourens and Marie realise that they are very blessed and experiencing God’s goodness through fellow believers. The role the body plays is something that stands out to them more than ever.