Blessed and thankful

Since starting their time of home assignment Jim and Judy Burdett are so blessed and thankful to have spent time with their son, grandsons and daughter and had lots of fun making memories and bonding. Judy was also able to fly to another state to see her parents for a few days.

Now they will be on the road for three and a half months. Their travelling will take them through much of the USA to visit and reconnect with family, friends and churches they have not seen in five years. Thousands of miles of driving but so worth it. Pray for safety, and they would be a blessing to those that they visit.

The proof reading of the Dom New Testament for the next printing is progressing, although slower than they would like. Jim is currently reading through Acts.

Their co-workers, Gerolf and Mailis Wuest (sons, Richard and Christian) are back in PNG and soon to transition to the Dom from the field headquarters where they have been since their return to the field. Pray for them as they move back to the village and settle in once again. It has been over a year since the team were altogether and at least another eight months until Jim and Judy join them in PNG.

Pray for the Dom Bible teachers. An up and coming Bible teacher who was being mentored has died of a strange illness. It is hard to understand, but they trust in God.