This week a new term and academic year has started at the missionary training centre in Missouri, USA. However, there were no classes the first day due to no electricity and the devastation that needed to be cleaned up after the storm, which Robert and Rosemarie Baghurst, who serve at the centre, slept right through. They were blessed in that their electricity at home was only off for about two-and-a-half hours.

Robert and Rosemarie have now been back home a full week after a glorious month in the UK reconnecting with friends, a few family members, three churches and a wonderful week at the UK Mission Headquarters in Lincolnshire for their annual “Refresher Course”,  which was their first-time opportunity to attend.  Another highlight was a night in Italy, a treat of their nieces, to fly over for one full day to spend with their families and they were so loved on by them all. A joy and delight as it was twenty years since they were last there.

Since they missed the first week of preparation for the new school year, Robert and Rosemarie have been playing the game of ‘catch-up’. They are encouraged with how everything is falling into place both at home and work. Robert surprised his team by being back at work last Monday. He got straight into shopping for the mission, and on Tuesday, another co-worker accompanied him to the town some 70 miles away, so they appreciate your prayers for their safe keeping in travels on the roads in the summer tourist traffic and interaction with the returning and new student body at the training centre. Thanks you!