Big changes

Toward the end of the last school term a student offered Geoff and Dar Gail his car. Dar Gail’s parents visited during the summer and Dar Gail’s dad and Geoff were able to fix the problems it had and after getting the MOT, tax, and insurance, the car was ready to hit the road. It was a tremendous help for Dar Gail as she prepared for her driving test, which she passed. The car has also provided them with a more economical means to travel to and from church and town and will be better suited to being a “family” car.
In February Geoff and Dar Gail are excited to be extending their family by one! They are expecting a baby at the end of January/February. Again, they see God’s amazing grace to them in this little life which He has given them to care for and look after!
The new school term has started at North Cotes College with 41 new Biblical Studies students, 22 students who have come back for the mission’s course (Cross Cultural Communication) and 4 for the Applied Linguistics course. That’s 67 in total – praise God for His provision of these students. Please be in prayer for them as they are from all corners of Europe and the world, and that they can adjust to life in the UK and to the multi-cultural life on campus. Pray that it would be a year of growth and transformation in their lives and they would walk closer to Him.
Dar Gail recently passed the test called “Life in the UK.” It is a general knowledge test on life and history of the UK, but is quite challenging and was a necessary part of the application for a resident visa. In a few weeks they will travel to Sheffield (about two hours away) for an interview with the immigration authorities. They will review the application and decide whether or not to grant Dar Gail “indefinite leave to remain.” Please pray the appointment goes well and the visa is granted.
Towards the end of October Geoff and Dar Gail plan to be home in N. Ireland for a couple of weeks for meetings to raise awareness of their ministry.

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