Big changes

Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis and Judah are excited to share that God opened some doors for them to move to the NTM-UK missionary training college. Simon will be lecturing at North Cotes College and they are excited to be a part of training future missionaries over this year.
God has provided accommodation for them. This means they will be moving down on the 20th of July and plan to stay for one year. They are already packing and preparing for the move. Simon will be lecturing and they hope to get very involved in the lives of the students making the most of this year by making disciples and learning lots.
There is lots of work ahead with the move! The house needs some decorating before they move in; Simon’s parents plan to help. Most of August will be taken up with preparing for classes in the coming term; developing lessons is a big task, pray this goes well. Once they are at North Cotes they will also be continuing to do some curriculum development work for the Mengen church. Please pray God will use them in the lives of the students and that Simon and Annika would be a good encouragement to the existing team there.
Simon and Annika have spent the past year and a half in ministry as reps for NTM, but the main purpose of this extended time at home was to correct Karis’s heart problems. Karis has had two heart operations and has made a wonderful recovery. However, they are not able to return to the Mengen work at this time. Simon and Annika want to make the most of the energetic time they have left in their lives to church plant amongst the unreached. It breaks their heart to consider leaving the Mengen church, but they believe that God is in control and are looking to Him to do great things.
With these things in mind, they have been open to looking at the possibilities of church planting with NTM either in the Philippines or Asia Pacific amongst the unreached people groups there. Pray that God would clearly open a door for them to either remain with the Mengen work or move on to one of the other two countries. Simon and Annika would like to make this decision by the end of the summer as they have been talking and praying about it for some time.
Continue to pray for the Mengen church; pray for the Bible teachers as they are on their own right now. They are facing many challenges and need your prayers.
Right now there is a real need for prayer for the north coast church plant; it seems that the Mengen missionary has burnt himself out by teaching some seven to eight lessons per week for the last year. He has been teaching in two languages and discipling his hearers till all hours of the night. He is still recuperating from his latest bought of malaria and is rightly reluctant to go back into the fire. Another Mengen colleague is right now teaching literacy in the north, but is struggling to keep going on his own. Pray for the believers in the home church that they will grow in grace and the truth of God’s word and will become fully committed to the work of the Gospel.
Pray the Laureti family as the return from home assignment in late October this year. Also pray for wisdom and faith as they return to the work and aim to bring stability and direction. Pray also for co-worker Rebecca who is returning in these days; Rebecca will continue with translation from the NTM base on the same island. Pray for energy and a good time settling back in.
Pray too for the Wright family on home assignment in Canada, pray for a good rest and time with family.

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