Bibles have landed

David and Shari Ogg, who serve as missionaries among the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea. They had been very busy with all the preparations for their trip to PNG, applying for visas, and booking international tickets, guesthouses and mission flights into the village. They are thankful to everyone who sent special gifts towards all the travel expenses. In the midst of all the preparations for travel, David was also able to draft some training resources in the Simbari language. One is a basic hermeneutics guide and another is a topical lesson on how to understand the Old Testament Covenants in light of the New Covenant. David and Shari arrived safely in PNG last week and plan to stay for two months.

Before they left the USA, David and Shari had received word that the container ship carrying the Simbari Bibles had arrived in Papua New Guinea and the palettes of Bibles were off loaded at the port. God arranged it so that the Bibles, which were more than a month delayed, arrived at the mission centre on the same day as they also arrived there. They inspected the shipment and everything looks great. Pray that they can get at least one pallet of the Bibles flown into the village before the dedication.

Please pray for good weather and good attendance for the Bible dedication scheduled to be held mid-September. Also, pray for the Simbari church as they plan the details of the dedication, and that above all it will lift up the name of Jesus.

Last month a group of Simbari people hiked over the mountains to another people group to attend an area conference for believers from many people groups. Over 500 people attended from over six language groups! There was also an ‘elder training workshop’ and four Simbari men were able to attend. Pray for lasting growth and encouragement from their time at conference.